• "Our company,  has used Tristate Refinishing on several occasions. The most recent job was in late April 2016. We find their work to be of good quality and standards. They are very professional, customer oriented and a friendly company to work with. We would recommend their work"
    Cade McDonald
  • "In working for, working with, advising and interacting with hundreds of companies over 15 years, some are ill-prepared for success in a changing environment. Identification of really superior company with top personal and professional qualities from this group becomes a challenge. From my vantage point, Tristate Refinishing stands at the top of my list.
    Our company identified a building to move our offices, warehouse and showroom into. The building had been painted several times over brick both inside and out. The outside was pale, dirty yellow color and the inside was salmon pink - both very unsightly. Tristate came in and is solely responsible for the profound difference inside and out.
    Sandblasting is a very difficult process in renovation. Tristate executed our project flawlessly. They helped uncover a true diamond in the rough.
    We take great pride coming to work in new offices. The building is going to help our business in countless ways and we owe Tristate a debt of gratitude for the role they played in helping us."
    Jason Bass
  • "I own a small decorative concrete business south of Philadelphia and from time to time we need to remove existing coatings from structures by sandblasting. We have a working relationship with Tristate Refinishing for approximately 4-yrs. Every time we have used them we have been very pleased with the quality of work and the quick turn around. In some cases it becomes a very delicate operation because of surrounding structures such as glass walls, doors and windows. Their attention to detail in protecting adjacent structures and cleanup afterwards has been excellent.
    I am one that does not easily give endorsements or recommendations because I have always taken seriously the trust factor that goes with doing so. I do not have any hesitation in recommending Tristate Refinishing because of the history of the jobs completed for us.
    I am sure you will quickly come to the same conclusion."
    Dace Gayle
  • "In our search for a quality dependable vendor to assist us with refurbishing our rusty, sun bleached, damaged parts inventory that we have stored in our outside yard. We were fortunate to find Tristate Refinishing.
    Unlike previous vendors that we contracted to perform similar work of this type, Tristate Refinshing was extremely courteous, professional, well organized, and they paid close attention to detail. The results of their work was superior to anyone we have used previously. They set up a separate work area away from the outside yard to prevent damage and/or overspray from getting onto parts, equipment, etc. and they cleaned up the site when they were done. Their attention to detail and/or quality of their workmanship resulted in a superior finished product when they completed the work of 1. sandblasting, 2. priming, 3. painting, 4. crating & palletizing the finished product; and their prices were very reasonable for the work performed.
    I would highly recommend Tristate Refinishing to anyone who is in need of a quality dependable vendor to perform sandblasting, painting or refurbishment work."
    David Hoff
  • "We have been doing business with Tristate Refinshing since April 2010. To be a vendor with us, you must be qualified by our Asset Management Department which requires specific insurance and quality levels. Since April, they have done over $35,000.00 worth of sandblasting and painting work and we have never been unsatisfied with either their work or their customer service."
    Christie Love
  • "My construction company has used Tristate Refinishing for sandblasting. We have been very satisfied with both the timely and professional manner in which they have completed the work.
    We recommend their work for anyone looking for quality, dependable, and affordable workmanship. Their employees are courteous, efficient, and fully capable of meeting the demands of most any job."
    Joe Gilbert