School and Pool Blasting

Pool Sandblasting Philadelphia, PA

To maintain the visual appeal and cleanliness of your swimming pool, routine maintenance is required. Beyond adding chemicals to keep the water safe to swim in, pool managers must maintain the finish coating to ensure the pool’s integrity.

Correctly painting swimming pools is not as easy as one might think. The existing coating must be evaluated to ensure compatibility with the new paint to be applied. Proper surface preparation including acid etching and neutralization of chemicals is vital to ensure adhesion. Additionally, moisture vapor transmission testing and expansion joint evaluation is highly recommended before painting. The applied paint must be adequate to handle immersion and chemical resistance. The coating must have adequate cure days prior to being filled with water. These are just some of the concerns involved with a successful pool painting project.

If the existing coating is severely peeling or failing, sandblasting is recommended. Alpine’s team perform lead testing and discuss the procedure with the pool owners prior to completing the project. Our team evaluates expansion joints, coping and the integrity of your concrete or granite pool surface. Often our customers rely on our experience for code enforcement signage sizing/location or for accurately laying out lap line striping.

With an offering of more than 50 specialized services, pool resurfacing and swimming pool painting is one of our earliest areas of expertise. Alpine Painting and Sandblasting Contractors has successfully completed hundreds of swimming pool restoration projects that keep pools looking brand new.

Whether a residential swimming pool, municipal/town pool, or water park, Alpine has the technicians, equipment, and knowledge to correctly prepare and paint your pool the first time.