Marine and Boat Blasting

Marine & Boat Blasting Philadelphia PA

Tristate Refinishing can strip your fiberglass boat bottom paint with our revolutionary blasting system. We keep our machine running at a lower PSI of about 50-70psi which allows us to blast off tough years of anti-fouling paint and marine life that plagues your boat without damaging your gel coat on the fiberglass. We use a unique setup process to protect your boat while blasting and keeping any media away from other boats in the area. Unlike Soda Blasting we are a dustless by using water and crushed glass as our media so there is no need for major containment.

By removing this paint you increase the life of your boat as well as knot speed while in the water. We are Mobile and come to your local boatyard or your storage location to complete this process. We are eco-friendly and environmentally safe for all areas. Once your boat is blasted you are able to put coat of fresh paint on it and get it in the water for your enjoyment!

Boat Sandblasting West Chester PA

We are experts in removing antifoul, cleaning rust or any other unwanted build up from boat hulls made of Steel, Aluminium, Timber and Fibreglass. Sandblasting is only one part of the process to protect your boat from the marine environment. More often than not, we follow this up by applying a protective coating or combination of coatings. Once sandblasted, we can prime, fair and respray any coatings required. So if your antifoul has a large build up and is beginning to crack and flake away or has a large amount of osmosis to be repairs, it’s time for a Sandblast. Once your new antifoul is applied, you should not need to sandblast again for another 10 or so years.

Marine Blasting Philadelphia, PA

Bridges, locks and dams are only one side of the work Tristate Refinishing can do when it comes to the water. After all, that infrastructure wouldn’t mean anything if the things that sail under and around it aren’t in good repair. That’s why we extend our high-quality industrial marine coating services to fleets of tugboats, ships, barges, cutters and other boats.

Being exposed to rough weather, extreme heat and cold, and extremely corrosive salt can certainly take their toll on the exterior and interior of any type of boat. Tristate Refinishing provides the same surface preparation, fireproofing, lead abatement and coatings application throughout the entirety of the ship. It doesn’t matter if it’s fresh off the dock or an old sea dog, either. We offer industrial marine coating services for both new and in-use vessels. We even offer some light rehabbing services for the cabin of your ship, as well.

And the same dedication to efficiency, quality and safety we bring to our bridge, locks and dams work goes into each marine job we do. Just ask the United States Navy, the United States Coast Guard and the numerous private industry marine companies we’ve worked with over the last twenty years.