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Tristate Refinishing has been serving Philadelphia, and West Chester PA for over 30 years.
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We are dedicated to the old-fashioned idea that quality craftsmanship, pride in the work performed, and fair prices will keep customers coming back year after year. Still going strong after almost four decades, we're confident that our methods have served the community well.

Tristate Refinishing offers residential, commercial, and industrial sandblasting services. We provide affordable sandblasting services for all types of projects, from small residential projects to large-scale, commercial tasks.

We are a sandblasting company that can sandblast architectural concrete, tilt-up panels, silos, structural iron, and other materials. Our equipment is capable of sandblasting residential swimming pools or even 300-foot tall buildings. With such advanced equipment we can transport and use up to 10,000 pounds of sand per day. Even if the weather is inclement, we can still get your job completed on schedule.




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  • Concrete Services85%
  • Auto Services79%
  • Architectural Services91%
  • Oil & Gas Services78%


  • 09.12.2014Purchased by Tristate Refinishing

    Here is where we merged and continued the excellence of the best sandblasting company in all of PA.
  • 05.16.1992Our New Shop

    Moving into our new 12000 square ft. facility was one of our proudest moments.
  • 03.12.1985Our 1000 Customer

    Thank you Nate!
  • 02.05.1981 Broyels Refinishing Founded

    Here is where it all started.